Tranquility Collection released!

Resin painting

noun/ the state of being calm.

The black element.

As a result of my love for black negative space I have created this collection. Black is the featured colour used is this series. When it comes to Feng Shui the colour black is recognised as a water element, invoking power, mystery and calm. Using black in your home or office environment can be very harmonising.

My intentions…

… behind the tranquillity series is to take you, the viewer to a place of calm. To do this I am certainly using black as a negative space for the background and then have colours pop out from that space. Thus, allowing your eyes to rest on the intended focus points of the paintings. Giving you a level of sensory input that requires little cognitive effort.

This technique will also create a less busy piece of art so that you can actually fall into that meditative state and just contemplate those smaller abstract sections of colour and remove you from an overcrowded mental space.

Art has a great responsibility to provide serene and worry-free pieces to balance the natural disasters our world in constantly facing. As the calm in nature is threatened by catastrophic weather conditions the aura of tranquillity is searched for in other places. Anything that can provide a great sense of peace and quiet that allows the imagination to wander.

Ideally this will put you into a restive state, a state of tranquillity, where less is more, yet has the extent and mystery to make you contemplate quietly. That is what I want you to get out of this collection.

Furthermore, art work for this collection is now available on my website. This collection will be a stable in my furute work. It’s one of the four styles I’ll be focusing my career on. New peices will continuously be added over time. Some of the cheeseboards are truely spectacular with the intricate details they display. 

Finally, Below is my first piece of wall art in the series. Some people have seen dragons, others jellyfish and someone even sees a gasrointestinal tract! But for me this peice represents a mermaid in trasnformation. I will be the first to admit I have a very vivid imagination… but I would love to know what adventure this artwork takes you on? Comment your thoughts below.

Resin painting

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