Sharing my Christmas orders

Christmas orders for resin art

What’s in fashion?

Curious to know what is popular right now? Well now that all the Christmas orders have been safely opened I can finally share them all with you. There were some spectacular colour requests that came my way and it made me so excited to start them. Personally, I love when someone requests a colour scheme because if I haven’t created it in the past I get sudden flashes of its potential. Sometimes I hold my breath, dare it break my stream of creativity.

The most popular item last month was a set; cheeseboard with matching coasters. The year before it was predominately coasters but I enjoy making cheeseboard far more so this was a great opportunity for me. Cheeseboards are such a stylish thing to own, especially when it’s done up with resin. The events you can feature them in are numerous. Show them off at the everyday house picnic in your lounge room, at dinner parties, for a girls movie, wine and cheese get together, romantic date nights, book club, picnics, bridal showers, baby showers, Intimo parties, or that much needed down time with yourself, the cheese and a good book/movie. The list is endless. 

Hostess with the Mostess

That will be you when you pull out your impressive piece of art and serve up delicious food to your guests. Watch as their attention is drawn to your board. It’s the perfect conversational ice breaker for the start of any event. 

Finally, below are the stunning pieces of functional art for you to admire:


Decided you need one? Click below to wow everyone at your next event.

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  1. These are gorgeous! How far in advance should I order one if I need it by a specific date (e.g. Valentine’s Day)?

    1. Post

      Hi Jo,

      It depends if you would like to pick your own colours or if you would like to purchase a ready-made product. The curing (drying/setting) time for resin is three weeks. Plus you will need to add a few days due to postage. Therefore I recommend ordering at least four weeks in advance.

      I do keep ahead of the seasons and have ready-made stock for events such as Valentines Day. I know it can be hard to stay organised and that is why I promote these products a month in advance and suggest you purchase at least a week beforehand to cater for postage.

      Hope this helps,

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