50cm resin on round board.

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This magnificent 50cm porthole is a perfect statement piece for any room in the home or even in an office environment. The blue tones were created using high quality resin with UV resistant properties, giving the piece a high shine glass like finish. Colours are bright and also subtle in some areas giving a sense of depth. The intricate details are stunning and it’s not over busy with the lacing.

This piece is 3 layers of colours and the final details are in beautiful metallic gold. This eye catching glimmer draws your eye around the wooden canvas in a pleasant way.




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Perfect for yourself or would make a wonderful gift for birthdays, weddings or Christmas.

*Please note, some computer screens can register colours differently than others.


Please avoid placing them in direct sunlight, as like any artwork, this MAY cause some colours to fade over time.

Simply use a duster to wipe off any dust collected over time.