I Have Dreams


This stunning 60cm resin painting is perfect for anyone wanting to add something unique to their homes. This abstract piece was made using epoxy resin. It is two layers deep and really showcases the blue and pink shades.

A very alive piece of art to display in your living rooms, study or even the bedroom. This sensational piece will make you feel happy, joyful and bursting with life. Embrace this piece as its composition immediately draws you in and guides you around the painting. There is so much scope for the imagination.


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~ Original ~

Epoxy resin on a large 60 cm round board.

Australia-wide shipping only.

Stunning artwork made using high-quality resin and pigments resulting in a high shine glass-like finish. Created using pigments and pastes designed specifically for use in resin gives this piece of artwork vibrant colours, depth, and a sparkle that catches the viewer’s eye. A perfect statement piece for any room.

Caring for your resin products

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