No holidays from painting…

A holiday art class at Hamilton Island.

 by Sarah Larter

Recently I have returned from a holiday from Hamilton Island. What a beautiful and relaxing place. My sister and I stumbled across an art gallery and of course we had to go in. Drawn in by all the wonderful pieces of art we ventured further into the gallery until we came across the artist, Greg Wardle. It took less than three seconds for Amy and I to be signed up for an art class with him using acrylics.

Greg showed us his style of painting and encouraged us to dive into the deep end. Greg is a known resident artist in Queensland and is known overseas for his works as well. He travels constantly and told us he was only here for three weeks and then off to Japan. Amy and I were lucky to travel at the right time and to cross his path. His humour and generous instructions gave us more than we could have expected from the class.

Amy and I seriously considered going back the next day but then agreed we should do a variety of activities on the island.



 by Amy Hunt.


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