Hello 2019!

First of all, Happy new year to everyone. I hope you have had a good start to 2019. Here in Australia the weather is hot and the BBQ’s are regular, but that also means it’s resin season for me. Read more about the wheres the gold slot. Resin prefers hotter temperatures to work in and I love the sunny hot weather. So obviously this is my favourite time of year.

What I’ve been up to in January….

~ Coasters

This year has started with a bang for me! I have made many sets of coasters using varying techniques for almost every set. I do have a favourite style which I can’t help but default to; two beautifully blended colours, finished with a hint of metallic powder (Example pictures below). So, I’m proud of myself for branching out and trying new things.

~ Bookmarks

I have also been experimenting with bookmarks. I have found an excellent wooden base to support the thick and rigid resin. The bookmarks feel so smooth and are lovely to hold. Now all the treasured books I’m currently reading are dressed up with fancy bookmarks. I have a few available on my website and many more to come. So if they are sold out it won’t be long before I have more in stock. The beauty of my work is that no two will be the same.

~ Cheeseboard

A beautiful friend of mine got married recently and I wanted to make her and her husband a special one of a kind gift. Something unique that the couple would not find in a shopping centre and something they wouldn’t already own as they have already set up there lives with many possessions. The studio called and I answered with a beautiful cheese board and set of coasters to match. The colours were divine! Blues and greens with a hint of white to catch the eye. They were received with great joy and were admired by some of their friends present at the time when they opened it. They wanted me to know they have already used it and love the gift.

Fresh from the studio.

The following selection are the newest pieces I’ve created. They are all originals and made with resin. They are currently available to purchase in my shop.

‘Teal kissed’ Set of 4 resin coasters now available in the shop.

Both of these resin bookmarks are available in the shop.

‘Volcanic chaos’ resin painting. Now available in the shop.

Favourite of the month

It has been so hard to pick a favourite for January as this month has been so successful. I think the painting below is my pick because of the depth involved in the piece. The lucky owner claimed her prize within half an hour of me finishing it. Never have I had a piece claimed to quickly. And truly she is a beauty.

In memory of Topaz

Sadly I lost a feathered family member. It’s amazing how pets squeeze their way into our hearts and become part of the family. It is with such grief that I say goodbye to my little parrot – Topaz. She was such a light in our family and joined in on family holidays and trips to the park. Her sister Onyx misses her dearly, as they would play all day in the big outdoor cage and then each claim a shoulder while I’d do every day things around the house in the evening. She knew a few tricks which included waving and spinning on command. She was very intelligent and could work out all the treat dispenser puzzles. But mostly she was just so loving. She wanted to be apart of the fun whenever she could. Not knowing what to do with my sadness I poured it into a resin piece in her colours. This one is just for me.

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