Did you just roll your eyes?

Did someone just mention their New Years resolution and did you roll your eyes? Unbelievably, it’s that time of year again and people everywhere are thinking about their future. When you’re around these people do you pass them off as ridiculous? Have you witnessed your friends year after year commit to something for a month and then throw in the towel? Or maybe you even laugh at the people you see getting caught up in the tradition. Either way, are you thinking, what is the point?

Feel the power in change…

I’m here to alert you to the power of a new year, it’s actually so much more than that. It is a beginning, another chance to change your life. You have so many people around the world encouraging you and backing you at this time to make these positive changes with them. It is powerful when we do something together. I encourage you all to take this ready opportunity. Let go of those disappointments, failures and anxieties from the past year. Cut them away from you and look in another direction; forward.

Let’s try to do better this year by making smaller resolutions that are achievable. A common mistake is when people set resolutions so high they are not achievable. Think about what you want and if it’s realistic? Should you break it down into smaller parts?

My resolutions for 2020…

I have decided to share mine with you this year in hopes to inspire you. First of all, I aim to grow my business to reach more people. Secondly, I am making time to produce more art by blocking out studio time in my diary. And finally, at some point in the year, I want to have a stall in a market.

Simple, achievable and realistic.

I would love to know what you have planned for this year? Please leave me a comment so I can see it.

Best of luck with your own resolutions.

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