2020 colour of the year

2020 colour of the year

Which colour is forecast to be highly influential for 2020?

Pantone, a company that specialises in colour forecasting and sets the global standard for colour has given us their predictions for this year. In the interview below with Pantone’s executive director, Leatrice Eisman we learn this year’s colour is ‘Classic blue’. The best way to describe classic blue is a shade somewhere between dark navy and royal blue. Therefore, not too sombre nor too bright. The excitement in Leatrice’s voice as she describes the combination of blue having an undertone of red to give it excitement leaves no doubt about her passion for her job.

How does Pantone choose the colour?

Each year, the Pantone crew travel all around the globe and pay attention to trends and similar colour movements noticed from anywhere in Asia to Europe to Latin America and well everywhere. They are looking for indicators such as a travelling art exhibition that carries a particular theme form place to place. Also, they recognise big sports events, for example, will there be an Olympics’ next year? Obviously film and entertainment have a huge influence in this as well. What is the mood on the red carpet? Technology, cars and bikes also have their own direction of marketing. And of course, fashion and cosmetics.

Pantone records everything and then they distil it down to the colour most emblematic. Once this is established the next step is to factor in the implication, emotion and psychology of the colour.

Is it a safe pick?

Leatrice has a psychology degree and a passion for colour. She explains that safe is exactly the emotion of blue. It is safety, protection and resilience. It is a deep breath, a colour associated with relaxing or winding down at the end of the day as the sunsets. A hope for peace and tranquillity. Why we feel this way is because it is dependable and has an anchoring feel about it. Especially as the world is in chaos people are looking for safe.

It looks like we will be seeing a lot more of this colour trend in our everyday lives and homes. The movement has included clothing, cushions, art, couches and already the classic blue can be seen it so much advertising.

My Strength collection.

On a personal level for me, this ties in exactly with the collection ‘Strength’ which I will be releasing this year. The series is predominantly classic blue, teal, white and finished with either a gold or silver interest. It would be an honour to contribute to your environment in a way that makes you feel anchored and safe.

Click here to listen to the full interview.

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